Sooo Quiet

After a wonderful time at Mamboviewpoint I am now in Moshi. This village on the foot of the highest African mountain will show me a great view of the Kilimanjaro when the sky is clear.

Starting the day with coffee.

Reached my goal

My goal was to install donated computers and teach the local IT teacher how to manage them and how to make his training to students more advanced. I can proudly say… we reached our goal.

My family

How special is this. Today we did the big walk to my brothers house. And even the mini Hoza was there. On the picture you can see my best friend/brother Hoza with his first wife and grandchildren… and me.

Happy to be here again

You cannot imagine how happy I am to be in Tanzania at Mamboviewpoint again. After a warm welcome yesterday… today it was the day to meet my best friend, my brother Hoza again.

I am staying for 10 days in a eco friendly house with solarpanel electricity and water heated by the sun.


Its always a big wish to see the Kilimanjaro when I am in Tanzania. Today was a lucky day, the sky was clear, and it was possible to see the white headed giant when driving on the main road.