14 December 2020…Lockdown?

I am getting stressed…. the day before my journey start, and our President is talking about a hard lockdown for NL. Ofcourse I understand the reason, but I was always taking it so very seriously and stay away from every chance to get infected with COVID-19. And still it feels like I will be punished as a innocent man. Ofcourse it will hit thousands innocent healthy smart people, but its stressing me very much. My journey is so very good prepared… plz.. let me go mr. President.

Ready to go

Everything is arranged, ready to go. Its still feeling a little bit strange to travel in this Corona period. But I am sure we do it as safe as possible. We are healthy, keep distance use a face mask and avoid crowded places. Our visit will be very helpful for Mamboviewpoint.

The Raspberry Pi,s are ready to. We will bring the computer version…. not the eatable version ofcourse. (But thanks to Kim, the eatable version is very tasteful)

Working on Raspberry Pi

Because Mamboviewpoint had a few Raspberry Pi mini computers donated … but not completely ready to use. I decided to make them complete with software on SD carts and with power supply and monitor adapters. Its so very interesting this mini project. Thanks, Erik (from my work office) for donating one extra Pi.

Busy with the PI configuration.

Not just a holiday

We (I am not traveling alone to Mamboviewpoint) are not just going for a holiday. We also go for the good work. For me… I just feel happy and relaxed in Tanzania, and its just possible to do more.

If I get the Visa… I will be back in Tanzania soon.

Its a weird period. Looks like nothing is allowed or safe in 2020. Its all about Covid-19.

But my friends in Tanzania told me many times that it is safe in Tanzania… or at least at Usambara mountains.. and I can travel without worries about Corona. Ofcourse i checked it also on internet and asked others in same area. For the NL government its a orange marked country… for Tanzanian citizens its green. The color between is yellow.. Good enough to go. Visa is requested.. tickets are bought.. my friends are waiting in Tanzania… if I get the visa, I go on 15th Dec. 2020. When I come back at 31th Dec. I go in quarantine as required in NL. No problem.

Luxembourg weekend tour 2020

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic… it was not easy to do a journey and keep social distance. But with our Luxembourg tour is was not a big problem. Just using a facemask when not driving or eating, keep a distance to others and wash hands as much as possible. And when driving its logical to keep a distance.

To bad.. it was raining from the day we start, till the day coming back home. Only on the Sunday it was partly dry. However, the environment in Luxembourg is wonderful. With sharp corners for motorcycle enthousiasts.

Hope 2021 will be a better year for everyone and everything.

My Adventure bike.